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Directory details snapshots (like market screeners) which showcase unusual activity & stocks/etfs activating advanced triggers


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Recent Performance

Leaders & Laggards : Stocks/ETFs out-performing or under-performing their peers the most
Nearest to Highs/Lows : Stocks/ETFs that nearest to their own key Highs (peaking) or Lows (bottoming)
Furthest from Highs/Lows : Stocks/ETFs furthest below their own Highs (beaten down) or furthest above their own Lows (riding high)
Uptick/Downtick Consistency : Stocks/ETFs with most consistent daily gains (grinding higher) or losses (grinding lower) over various time periods
Highest & Lowest Volatility : Stocks/ETFs with most volatile movements (see-sawing) between highs & lows in various time periods
Best & Worst Streaks : Stocks/ETFs with biggest streaks of consecutive daily gains (shooting up) or losses (melting down)
High & Low Short Interest : Stocks/ETFs with highest/lowest short positioning levels
Turnarounds & Setbacks : Stocks/ETFs with significant reversals/u-turns in performance (Turnaround: Low -> High; Setback: High -> Low) in various time frames

Current Technicals

Simple Moving Averages : Stocks/ETFs closing nearest to or furthest above or furthest below key Simple Moving Averages (SMA)
Exponential Moving Averages : Stocks/ETFs closing nearest or furthest above or furthest below key Exponential Moving Averages (EMA)
Elevated & Depressed Technicals : Stocks/ETFs with most elevated/depressed Technical Indicator levels for RSI, MACD etc.


Strongest & Weakest Seasonality : Stocks/ETFs/Sectors with best & worst historical performances by calendar month
US Elections : Stock/ETF/Sector performances around US Elections
Tax Legislation : Stock/ETF/Sector performances around US Tax Legislation events
Key Market Events & Moments : Stock/ETF/Sector performances around key market-moving events & moments (E.g. 9/11, Brexit)
Dow Milestones : Stock/ETF/Sector performances around major Dow Jones Industrial Average milestones
S&P 500 Milestones : Stock/ETF/Sector performances around major S&P 500 milestones
Nasdaq Milestones : Stocks/ETF/Sector performances around major Nasdaq Composite milestones

Snapshots group securities in peer groups (e.g. all stocks, S&P 500, ETF/ETN only). Snapshots typically have multiple time periods including commonly used calendar (MTD, QTD, YTD) as well as trailing trading days (5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 & 52 weeks) as applicable

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