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Data updated 2023-Sep-22 (Friday)

  Daily performance for Stocks, ETFs & Cryptos as of last market close. Updated on Sep-22 (Friday). Contextualize performance in each timeframe using a variety of calculated metrics and alert badges



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% Change Volatility Streak Streak % % off High % off Low Pre-market Market
Stocks -0.24% 1.95% ↓ 1.5 days -1.59% -1.34% +0.38% +0.27% -0.60%
ETFs/ETNs -0.02% 0.85% ↓ 1.4 days -0.06% -0.71% +0.09% +0.27% -0.40%
Cryptos 0.00% 2.08% ↑ 0.1 days +0.01% -1.13% +0.51% N/A N/A

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Symbol Name Close Volume % Change $ Change Volatility Streak Streak % Rel. Volume % off High % off Low Pre-market Market Tags

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