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Frequently Asked Questions

Things people have asked about why & how Aiolux does things

Aiolux is a financial research platform designed to help investors quickly understand the state of the market and contextualize recent performance of stocks and ETFs with historical data.

Markets and individual stocks move on earnings, political head/tailwinds, economic data etc. which are often challenging to interpret and quantify even for professionals. While the market is efficient in the long-term, there is a lot of noise introduced for individual stocks in the short / medium term as new information takes time to be digested properly and this creates opportunity. Sentiment plays an important role and investors try to gauge this using moving averages, technical indicators etc. (this sometimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Information from Aiolux is best utilized in conjunction with your fundamental research (reading earnings/analyst reports, analyzing financials etc.). Aiolux provides easily digestible analysis from historical trends to help you understand how recent action in a stock/etf/index/cryptocurrency compares to history. This can help validate the prior effectiveness of a popular technical indicator for example.

Successful investors build and trim positions with multiple trades over time which requires taking into context the short and medium-term. Understanding seasonal patterns can help you make the decision to pull the trigger now or wait a few weeks. This is another useful way to use the information on Aiolux

When analyzing an important inflection point in a stock’s historical chart, it is often hard to figure out what happened and how other stocks etc. performed on the same day back then. Aiolux Time Machine functionality carries historical records for upto 20 years along with linking to other historical information in order to understand that particular situation better.

These are just some quick examples to get you thinking about how to use Aiolux

Aiolux does NOT provide investment advice. Often, past performance is not indicative of future results. You are expected to always consult with your investment advisor before making any decisions

Aiolux caters to varying levels of expertise by providing information in an easily digestible format with minimal configuration required by narrowing on most common settings of popular metrics rather than a bewildering array of customizable options. Clear explanation is provided on how things were calculated as well as a jumping off point of interpreting/using data.

A less- experienced investor who wishes to make smarter decisions and learn more will find Aiolux as valuable as well as a professional investor/firm who may wish to leverage Aiolux insights without having to deploy in-house computing resources. Aiolux is not designed for total novices, who may find it challenging

Compared to legacy financial research services, Aiolux obsesses over User Experience in a way that more in the Silicon Valley mold than Wall Street. We focus on optimal consumption of insights without requiring you to fiddle with hundreds of options, crunch large amounts of data in excel or (gasp!) learn programming. Importantly, we provide a lot of information for FREE; we also have paid subscriptions with additional advanced features

Aiolux covers the most actively traded stocks and etfs which account for 85% + of the market capitalization and trading volume of the NYSE and NASDAQ. A large amount of data processing happens to generate the insights so we focus on the highest-quality investments for the time being. We will however be adding more over time so do contact us using the feedback form with suggestions

Aiolux is not integrated that type of data at this time since the current analytics depend on daily data on close. However that may change in the future as we expand offerings. Up to date pricing and financial is likely easily available at your broker's web platform in any case.

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Aiolux is derived from Aiolos/Aeolus, the divine keeper of the winds from Greek Mythology. He is associated with nimbleness. In the vein of Aiolus, we hope to shed light on which way the wind is currently blowing in the financial markets