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Data updated 2023-Sep-22 (Friday)

  Note: Naive Bayes Classifier connects financial statement metrics with subsequent stock performance post earnings announcements for Apple Inc. [NASDAQ:AAPL]. This popular learning technique categorizes user-selected financial metrics and the subsequent stock performance into bins/buckets and considers conditional probabilities in those situations in order to predict performance buckets for the test cases (e.g. most recent quarter). View financial statements for underlying details

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Model Setup
  Metric Calculation
Configure statement metrics above in any order with calculation options (e.g. select Quarter-on-Quarter change of Operating Margin if you consider it relevant to determining stock performance for AAPL)

Choose outcome to compare against (i.e. absolute performance or relative performance benchmarked to broader market)

Classifier predictions for the test set (dates held back from the training set) based on metrics selected
Date Underperformance Outperformance Predicted Actual
2023-May-04 1.7% 2.6% Outperform Outperform
2023-Aug-03 3.1% 1.6% Underperform Underperform
Prior probabilities for underperformance (50.0%) and outperformance (50.0%) are used as initial guesses for the classifier
Conditional Probabilities for selected metrics in the training set (quarterly financial statement data for Apple Inc. and subsequent performance post earnings announcement)
   Low|Underperform  High|Underperform  Low|Outperform  High|Outperform
Free Cash Flow Absolute values 47.1% 52.9% 58.8% 41.2%
EBIT Margin Sequential growth (%) 41.2% 52.9% 52.9% 47.1%
Debt / Asset Sequential growth (%) 52.9% 41.2% 41.2% 58.8%
Operating Cash Flow / Sales Quarter on Quarter growth (%) 29.4% 52.9% 58.8% 35.3%
Each metric has been bucketed into High & Low groups around the median
Apple Inc. performance relative to the S&P 500 index has been bucketed into Outperformance & Underperformance
Deepdive into raw conditional probabilities for selected metrics to understand prior probabilities and details of buckets created
      Underperformance Outperformance
  Intervals Range: -26.7% to +3.7%
Median: -4.1%
Range: +4.5% to +23.5%
Median: +14.1%
  Prior Probabilities 50.0% 50.0%
Free Cash Flow Absolute values
Low Range: 6 B to 17.1 B
Median: 11.2 B
53.3% 46.7% 60.0%
High Range: 18.8 B to 44.2 B
Median: 24 B
46.7% 53.3% 40.0%
EBIT Margin Sequential growth (%)
Low Range: -19.8 to -2.86
Median: -9.33
46.7% 40.0% 53.3%
High Range: -0.72 to 33.8
Median: 11.3
50.0% 53.3% 46.7%
Debt / Asset Sequential growth (%)
Low Range: -4.48 to 1.78
Median: -0.175
46.7% 53.3% 40.0%
High Range: 1.84 to 5.4
Median: 2.44
50.0% 40.0% 60.0%
Operating Cash Flow / Sales Quarter on Quarter growth (%)
Low Range: -26.6 to 4.04
Median: -6.36
43.3% 26.7% 60.0%
High Range: 4.23 to 47.7
Median: 9.74
43.3% 53.3% 33.3%
Conditional Probabilities in deepdive table are raw (observed) values. Laplace smoothed values used in the classifier above are indicated in tooltip
When a metric bucket is empty/missing, the probability is denoted NaN%. Laplace smoothing takes care of this in the classifier evaluation

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