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Aiolux (pronounced ay-o-lux) analyzes financial markets intuitively to provide automated research & insights for investors

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1000+ Daily Reports

Slice / dice Stocks, ETFs, industries & cryptos to gauge market

Portfolio Tools

Instantly evaluate decisions & compare options using Sharpe Ratio, Value-at-Risk & more

Historical Analysis

Investigate the past or put recent metrics & technicals in historical context

 Our Business

Aiolux enables Investors understand their portfolio & the broader market in a uniquely powerful way

  • Daily Analysis of Markets using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Smart filtering & rich contextual information using various metrics & time-frames
  • Ditch spreadsheets & coding; focus on strategy instead using powerful interfaces & Conversational AI

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    Investors love Aiolux


    Get new ideas & stay clued in

    Optimize investment strategies with a short & medium-term focus. E.g. Use market sentiment reports to check if market / sector is likely overbought or oversold


    Insights without number crunching

    Aiolux intelligently analyzes securities daily to optimize for your time & reduce clutter. E.g. instantly compare seasonal vs. recent correlation between two stocks


    See value before you upgrade

    We put forth a feature-rich FREE offering unlike legacy providers. Premium subscription available with advanced features, tools and intraday updates

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    •  Hi! Ask me something. Use "$" to identify stock / etf / crypto symbols (e.g. $aapl for Apple Inc.) OR use special shortcuts (e.g. $btc for Bitcoin or $tech for Technology sector ETF). Click on below for examples of queries, list of special shortcuts & more