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Conversationally interact with ChatGPT to now analyze updated prices, technical indicators, financial statements, macro-economic/company news & more for Stocks, ETFs & Cryptos

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- Include recent performance over key time periods (e.g. 50-day, 100-day), comparison with peers, links to historical performance (up to 20 years) & MORE

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Performance: Understand recent & historical action
  • Sector/Industry reports analyze trends and more within S&P 500
  • Snapshots highlight key points of interest (e.g. Best/Worst performers in the last 10 days, Most shorted stocks)
  • Other reports like Seasonality performance by calendar months & Dividend yields contextualize deep history for ready consumption
  • Analytics: Delve into more advanced metrics
  • Analyze effectiveness of popular technical indicator signals in recent history
  • Examine how stocks, cryptos etc. returns move over various timeframes with correlations
  • Identify unusual movers in the market with strong volume signals
  • Insights: Knowledge derived from aggregate data or history using AI
  • Investigate aggregated behavior of constituents within broader market (i.e. peaking or showing weak technicals)
  • Find historical similars to recent performance & understand subsequent performance of those analogues
  • Locate historical chart patterns to current charts using pattern recognition
  • Portfolio: Evaluate impact of actual/potential investment decisions
  • Compare risk/reward tradeoffs with Sharpe Ratio
  • Find uncorrelated assets to improve diversification
  • Understand drawdown risk & volatility with respect to the market

  •  Examples within each category above are representative (not an exhaustive list). Use Top Navigation bar for further details