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Data updated 2023-Aug-27 (Sunday)

  Note: Detailed Statistics for Net Income in Income Statement for Apple Inc. [NASDAQ:AAPL] with frequency distribution chart that analyze trends & history . Net Income is the income of the entity for the period net of all expenses. View Income Statement for broader context

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Quarterly Net Income values for Apple Inc. are rounded to enhance readability
   2023-Jun  2023-Mar  2022-Dec  2022-Sep  2022-Jun  2022-Mar
Net Income 19.9 B 24.2 B 30 B 20.7 B 19.4 B 25 B
Sequential Quarter Growth -17.7% -19.5% +44.8% +6.6% -22.3% -27.8%
Quarter-on Quarter Growth +2.3% -3.4% -13.4% +0.8% -10.6% +5.8%
Annual Net Income values for Apple Inc. are rounded to enhance readability
   2022-Sep  2021-Sep  2020-Sep  2019-Sep  2018-Sep  2017-Sep
Net Income 99.8 B 94.7 B 57.4 B 55.3 B 59.5 B 48.4 B
Year-on-Year Growth +5.4% +64.9% +3.9% -7.2% +23.1% +5.8%
2-yr CAGR +31.8% +30.9% -1.8% +6.9% +14.1% -4.8%
3-yr CAGR +21.8% +16.7% +5.9% +6.5% +3.7% +7.0%
4-yr CAGR +13.8% +18.3% +5.9% +0.9% +10.8% +6.9%
5-yr CAGR +15.6% +15.7% +1.5% +6.9% +10.0% +3.0%
Frequency distribution of quarterly Net Income values from 2015-Sep-30 grouped into buckets. Latest Net Income value is 19.9 Billion as of 2023-Jun-30

Subsequent stock performance post earnings date till next announcement for Apple Inc. mapped with quarterly Net Income values reported at that time. Most recent value denoted with star

Select frequency and calculation type for Net Income above for vertical axis in scatter chart. Additionally choose type of performance for horizontal axis
Bayesian (Conditional Probability) analysis for Apple Inc. with subsequent post-earnings performance given Net Income values. Analysis uses quarterly data and subsequent absolute performance. Most recent quarter is denoted with a star and corresponding partial performance is excluded from calculations
   Underperform (absolute perf.)  Outperform (absolute perf.)
Net Income - Low 47% 53%
Net Income - Medium 47% 53%
Net Income - High 65% 35%
Net Income (Sequential growth %) - Low 52% 48%
Net Income (Sequential growth %) - Medium 47% 53%
Net Income (Sequential growth %) - High 56% 44%
Net Income (QoQ growth %) - Low 35% 65%
Net Income (QoQ growth %) - Medium 57% 43%
Net Income (QoQ growth %) - High 62% 38%

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