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Technical Analysis for [PFG] Principal Financial Group, Inc.

Data updated 2024-Jul-15 (Monday)

  Analyze current daily levels of popular Technical indicators for Principal Financial Group, Inc. . Technicals are widely used by investors to gauge performance, momentum etc . To compare technicals across stocks/etfs/crypto visit technical summary . Also, view daily frequency distribution of bullish/bearish technical signals (e.g. RSI, MACD etc.) with technical sentiment report to gauge changes in aggregate across the market or a particular sector


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PFG : Key Technicals 2024-Jul-15 Monday
AD 376 Million ADX 19.0
ATR 1.54 CCI 236.9
MACD 0.86 OBV 246 Million
OSC 95.9 95.6 RSI 72

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Recent Technical Indicator history for Principal Financial Group, Inc. use daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) values as of Last Close (2024-Jul-15). See additional information below on calculation, interpretation etc.

Relative Strength Index

Calculation Methodology:
RSI is calculated using average daily close values and uses the standard 14 period time window to calculate the average gain/loss for the initial value. Refer to additional links for more details

Detailed calculation steps are provided in the Reference links. Values are adjusted for splits (if applicable)
How to use this indicator:
RSI is a price momentum oscillator tracking overbought/oversold levels using velocity of price movements. RSI is considered useful in trending market situations as opposed to sideways markets. RSI values > 70 indicate overbought or overvalued levels and may be due for a trend reversal or correction. RSI values <30 similarly indicate oversold or undervalued condition in the near term. Reversals can often take time so levels should be viewed in the context of prevailing trend/market conditions

Interpretation above is not comprehensive but rather just a starting point of understanding. Experienced market professionals typically use a combination of different datapoints to drive decisions. Use additional links in the References section for more details
What about other technicals?

There are many technicals and many different settings for even the above indicators like different moving average periods selected for example. We however show only popular technical indicators with the most common configuration because they have historically gained acceptance as being the most useful. Mastering interpretation of these indicators will serve most investors well without adding clutter or noise from a large selection of less common indicators/settings. Email us if you strongly feel that there are other indicators worth adding

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Frequency distribution of daily RSI values from 2022-Jul-15. Latest RSI value is 72 as of 2024-Jul-15. Longer frequency distribution of RSI also available (5-year deciles linked below chart)

RSI Deciles

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  Technical History : Popular Technical indicator trends (RSI, MACD etc.) Currently Viewing
  Metric Deciles : Contextualizing recent performance & technical levels into historical decile buckets
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  News Stories : News stories on 2024-Jul-15 on Google
  SEC Reports : Quarterly reports around 2024-Jul-15 on SEC Edgar

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