YTD Fin Tech Summary

Data updated 2023-Sep-22 (Friday)

  Calendar Year-to-Date performance detail for Fin Tech industry includes comparison with other industries within Information Technology sector using S&P 500 stocks. Fin Tech includes payments and financial technology services. Analyze Industries within Information Technology sector to see whats working (or not). Navigate to other sectors/industries using tables below or change comparison time periods from filter widget. Updated as of last close on Sep-22 (Friday)


Industries: Calendar Year-to-Date performance on 2023-Sep-22 (Friday) across various industries within Information Technology sector. Industries aggregated by S&P 500 stocks only
Industry YTD Direction % Change % off YTD Low % off YTD High Relative Volume Volatility
100% ↑
0% ↓
71% ↑
29% ↓
73% ↑
27% ↓
71% ↑
29% ↓
55% ↑
45% ↓
74% ↑
26% ↓

Chart Metrics by Industry: Average cumulative performance for Fin Tech industry stocks within Information Technology sector over Year-to-date period. Industries aggregated by S&P 500 stocks only. Select other metrics using below drop-down box. Available metrics currently filtered by selected Year-to-date timespan
Use widget to select other metrics for applicable timespan

Calculation Methodology: Performance is calculated using closing price BEFORE start date (or open price for first available date in range) and closing price for end date
  • Daily returns shown for timespan less than 120 days
  • Weekly returns shown for 121 days - 2 years
  • Monthly returns shown for timespan > 2 years
  • Absolute performance (% return of each stock/index/etf over time) calculated if benchmark is blank
  • Relative performance calculated by subtracting % return of benchmark from % return of each line

  • Values are adjusted for splits (if applicable)

      Compare securities in Fin Tech industry over YTD timeframe. Hover on cells for additional details
    Symbol Name Close Volume % Change YTD Frequency Rel. Volume YTD Change % off YTD High % off YTD Low YTD Volatility Tags

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