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Dividend Yield History for [EZA] iShares MSCI South Africa ETF

Data updated 2024-Jul-17 (Wednesday)


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Historical trend of Dividend Yield available from 2003 for iShares MSCI South Africa ETF


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  Intervals show range within month; See Calculation & Interpretation sections below for further details

Max Chart Timespan

Calculation Methodology: Dividend Yield calculated using month-end close price and annualized dividends (received in preceding year). Interval values show high & low yield using the low & high prices respectively for that month
Values are adjusted for splits (if applicable)
How to use this:
  • Dividend yields can change due to changing broader market dynamics as well as company specific issues. E.g. Increasing dividend yields can signal warning signs that the dividend may be cut soon due to underlying business problems specific to the company
  • Increasing dividend yields can also indicate short-term overbought/oversold conditions in some cases

  • Interpretation above is not comprehensive but rather just a starting point of understanding. Experienced market professionals typically use a combination of different datapoints to drive decisions

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