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Chart Pattern Matching for [CEG] Constellation Energy Corp.

Data updated 2024-Jul-22 (Monday)

  Chart Pattern Matching analyzes performance history for Constellation Energy Corp. to find similar patterns using a 200-day sliding window for Daily Performance compared to the prevailing pattern up to last market close on 2024-Jul-22. Pattern Matching is an AI variation of traditional Technical Chart analysis (where humans interpret Chart patterns looking for certain shapes). Subsequent performances summarized below for top matches

Provided As-is for informational/educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice . Past performance may not be not indicative of future results. Always consult your Investment Adviser before any decision


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Pattern Matching 200-day Daily Performance results for Constellation Energy Corp. are calculated as of 2024-Jul-22 (1 day ago):
Next 5-day performance is estimated to be +2.5% using the more frequently occurring up subsequent performances of close matches. Outlook is bullish

Summary 2024-Jul-22 Monday
Next 5d Next 10d Next 20d Next 50d Next 100d Next 200d
66% ↑
34% ↓

While traditional Chart Analysis looks for specific shapes (e.g. Double Top / Bottom, Cup & Handle, Head & Shoulders, Wedge etc.) and interprets them as being bullish/bearish, Pattern Matching instead looks at the current pattern (whatever that may be) and goes back in time to find similars. Calculation is based on Procrustes Analysis techniques using absolute values as well as overall shape of pattern. Absolute values are not used for Unbounded metrics (like Price), which are normalized

 Closest pattern matches for 2024-Jul-22 below. Longer time-frames inherently have lower match scores. Click on date to view historical record or inspect charts side-by-side on historic date vs last close using the compare functionality
Date Match Score Actions Next 5d Next 10d Next 20d Next 50d Next 100d Next 200d

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