Historical Deciles for [AAPL] Apple Inc.

Data updated 2023-Oct-04 (Wednesday)

  Compare current performance/technical metrics to history for Apple Inc.. Range of values presented below in deciles puts current values into historical context (Up to 5-years)

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Summary 2023-Oct-04 Wednesday
Day Change +0.73% Mid Day Volatility 1.90% Mid
Streak ↑ 1 day Mid % Streak +0.73% Mid
RSI 45 Low CCI -63.0 Low
MACD 0.02 Mid ATR 3.5 Mid
ADX 27.0 Mid SSO  40.3 Low
Change Volatility % off SMA
5-day +1.90% Mid 3.99% Low +0.76% Mid
10-day -1.04% Mid 5.64% Low +0.45% Mid
20-day -5.06% Low 7.56% Low -0.70% Mid
50-day -10.31% Low 17.65% Low -3.57% Low
100-day -0.05% Low 18.26% Low -4.60% Low
200-day +27.22% Mid 59.64% Mid +4.18% Mid
Summary shows recent metrics and their associated deciles bucketed using upto 5 years of data

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 On 2023-Oct-04, Apple Inc. had:
  • daily change of +0.73%
  • intraday volatility of 1.9%
  • 1 ↑(up) day streak yielding +0.73%
  • See how this compares to historical ranges below. Upto last 5 years are bucketed into deciles (click on chart line for details) with 2023-Oct-04 value annotated for comparison

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