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Historical Analogues for [FANG] Diamondback Energy Inc

Data updated 2024-Jul-16 (Tuesday)

  Historical Analogues searches history for Diamondback Energy Inc to find similar situations as compared to last market close on 2024-Jul-16 and presents subsequent performances for those cases. This adaptation of popular Machine Learning technique kNN provides historical context to recent performance

Provided As-is for informational/educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice . Past performance may not be not indicative of future results. Always consult your Investment Adviser before any decision


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Historical Analogues for Diamondback Energy Inc are calculated as of 2024-Jul-16 (about 19 hours ago):
Next 5-day performance is estimated to be +0.3% using the mean of all subsequent performances (as frequency distribution is near even) of close matches. Outlook is neutral
Next 10-day performance is estimated to be -10.4% using the more frequently occurring down subsequent performances of close matches. Outlook is bearish

Summary 2024-Jul-16 Tuesday
Next 5d Next 10d Next 20d Next 50d Next 100d Next 200d
55% ↑
45% ↓
0% ↑
100% ↓

Similarity is calculated using normalized euclidean distances and factors curated attributes like the days performance, volatility, prior performance over multiple periods and key technical indicators like RSI, MACD etc.
Historical Analogues is primarily a point-in-time view of the state of the Stock/Index/ETF with lookback anchors past performance rather than comparing the exact path taken to get there. Model does NOT consider historical matches on absolute values of Open/High/Low/Close values.  There is inherent subjectivity as there are many different ways to calculate similarity, select features for the model etc. Results are provided for informational purposes only.

 Closest historical matches for 2024-Jul-16 below. Click on date to view historical record or inspect stats side-by-side on historic date vs last close using the compare functionality
Date Match Score Actions Next 5d Next 10d Next 20d Next 50d Next 100d Next 200d

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